Unified Sportsmen's Club

Long Range Rules

1) Raise the 1000 range flag

2) Put up Stop range in use at the stairs

3) Open gate

4) Put up Stop Range in use sign

When you are done pull flags down and signs 







Our Current Officers




Bottom left to right:                                Back  left to right:


Ron Wilcox        President                        George Gornall          RSO   

Joe Landis         Vice President                Dennis Quarnstrom   Director
Kari Frisbey       Treasurer - Secretary     Mark Frisbey             Director

Allen Heckart     Director                           Elden Dalley             Director

                                                                  Mike Jones               Director






Jonnie Landis  Director and Safety Officer

If you have any questions please contact:

Joe Landis - 208-243-065
Kari Frisbey - 208-681-2977

Ron Wilcox - 208-351-8031


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